Tomb Raiders of the Wilderlands

Our brave adventurers resume their exploration of the temple underground, but soon hear a voice calling them from the entry, strangely it carries through the iron and stone walls to their ears. The visitor is Gustav, a local woodsman, who had just saved them from the certain doom of being sealed up in the tomb by a vengeful humanoid. Gustav offers to join the band, and is welcomed by all.

The group then continue their exploration of the embalming chamber, and further north down a long hallway to a strange iron library, haunted by eerie disembodied groaning sounds. There they discover several iron books, but no enemies are to be found. Further along the corridor they enter a room covered in dust, and find a circular pattern on the floor. examining it to no avail, Darb then bravely steps inside the center and then falls into a trance, and begins floating in mid air. While the others try unsuccessfully to rescue him, he comes into communion with the Iron God, who places a Geas on him in exchange for a boon, which turns out to be a magical weapon.

After his communion ends, darb relates his story to the others, and they decide it is time to head back outside to rest and recover from their earlier wounds.



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