Tomb Raiders of the Wilderlands

To Adventure!

to the temple

To the Temple

Our intrepid adventurers, following the map given to them by the townspeople of Scalton, follow the trail into the mountains. After several hours of uneventful hiking, they come across the tracks of several humanoids which were travelling in the same direction towards the temple. As they drew near the mountains the sky grew dark and foreboding with ominous clouds as thunder rumbled overhead. After nightfall they crested a ridge and lightning illuminated the forms of several goblins which were making their way down into the burned out area of the temple ruins. Nerthal the brave Dwarf led the attack on the humanoids, and after a few minutes of bloody battle, our heroes proved themselves victorious over the fell creatures. After the battle our band then made camp under a rocky outcropping where they bound their wounds and built a small fire before resting for the night.



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